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Project Description
Folder To Document Set Conversion Fix repairs the MS SharePoint 2010 bug where folders are not correctly converted into document sets during a content type property change.  This will fix existing problem doc sets on the next update to the doc set properties.  This includes a folder icon appearing instead of the doc set icon and the doc set home page unavailability.
NOTE: This is a sandboxed solution and will work on Office 365 - SharePoint Online 2010

Funded by Kiefer Consulting, Inc.
Developed by Robert R Freeman

Blog Entry

Add the Sandboxed Solution (wsp) file to the site collection solution gallery.
Activate the solution in the solution gallery. - If Activate is not available, Ensure the Sandboxed Code service is running (Central Admin: Services on this Server)
Enable the feature from site collection features.
Repeat for each site collection that needs this fix.

It may take a few refreshes of the library before the doc set is fully converted.
See the application event log if it doesn't work as there may be a problem with your Sandboxed Code service.

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